When you pick the location of the proxy before your checkout, this is the PHYSICAL location of the proxies. NOT the location any geo-location service will tell you it has. This means that in practice, when you open Google through one of our proxies you can be redirected to any localized version of Google.

Luckily for you, there's a way around this!

The trick is to use request URLs with the uule, hl and gl parameters. We've created a handy script so you can easily generate these values yourself. Feel free to copy the code and use it in your project!


Using this, you will see the correct location in the bottom left of the page. 

Another interesting trick is to first request https://www.google.com/ncr - this stands for Non Committed Region. If you then visit any of the local TLDs (.co.uk, .fr, .se, .in, etc.) you will not get redirected anymore. Be sure to use this with a headless, JS enabled browser if you operate your own scraper :-)

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